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Research for Employee Selection

Conducted validation studies on control room operators for America’s largest electric power company
Conducted job analysis to establish competencies and benchmarks for testing new Hydro Operator candidates at a West Coast hydroelectric company
Designed employment tests for key positions in an agribusiness in Tasmania Australia

Employee Testing & Development

Created a digital coaching website to facilitate habit change in corporate wellness programs
Launched Leadership Dashboards for a soft drink bottling company
Developed an Ideal Job Survey for career counseling services
Launched a new French translation of PSP’s Employment Testing Website

Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Provided leadership assessment and development recommendation for a North American recycling services company for their “Emerging Leadership” program
Provided Executive Development and Successions Planning for an international manufacturing company
Conducted 360 surveys for middle managers at a Fortune 500 electrical products distribution company
Created Individualized Development Plans (IDPs) for a worldwide rail transportation company

Reduce Costs with Employment Testing

Developed successful screening tools for loan officer applicants in the home-building industry
Reduced Worker’s Compensation claims by $390,000 at a manufacturing plant by implementing PSP selection services
Conducted Employee Turnover studies for finance and security companies to help reduce staff replacement costs and retain high performers

Empower Your Employees