Managing Remote Workers

MANAGING REMOTE WORKERS The challenge of managing remote workers is not new.  There always have been “road warriors,” off-shift workers, and people at remote locations.  However, technology has greatly enlarged the ranks of remote workers at home and in other non-traditional work spaces.  As a result, managers today frequently have to oversee the work of

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Predicting Successful People

Predicting successful people is a difficult task: there is no silver bullet for making the job easier. It is a complex decision with many dynamic variables to get right. Based on the experience of our industrial psychologists over the last 65 years, we have identified the factors least likely to predict success: Job knowledge and

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Selecting Senior Executives

The selection of a senior executive is among the most difficult decisions that an organization can make. Senior executives have enormous responsibility for resource utilization, business direction, and financial results. They also serve more constituencies than any other employee group. The consequences of failure of a senior executive can be disastrous for an entire organization

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Do You Hire Employees Who are a Safety Risk?

A recent analysis of employee safety incidents at a large chemical company showed that individuals tested and recommended by PSP were four times less likely to be involved in at least one unsafe act than employees who were not tested. The research also revealed that, on average, PSP recommended employees were involved in 43% fewer

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The 21st Century Workforce Arrived with Unanticipated Consequences

Jobs in the 21st Century demand learning, problem solving and the softer competencies such as initiative, drive, communication skills, and teamwork. Workers are required to take on broader responsibilities and adapt to workplace changes. While these have always been attributes of better workers, in today’s workforce these qualities are required of all workers. The challenge

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