About PSP Metrics

For over 75 years we’ve produced adaptable, science-backed measurement systems for objective decision-making.

Reimagined Employee Selection & Development

PSP relies on innovation and science-backed solutions to help our customers deliver sustained outcomes in a competitive environment. 

We provide custom solutions across four segments: Employee Testing, Talent Development, Succession Planning, and Organizational Development. Within these areas, our measurement systems help clients objectively evaluate aptitude, critical thinking, and communication. 

Across our global network of more than 23 countries, we remain committed to developing innovative, science-backed solutions to keep our customers competitive in a challenging global marketplace. 

Our History


PSP Metrics was founded in 1946 when the post-war economy demanded better processes to predict employee success. We then spent decades devoting significant resources to the study of employee motivation, including the two-factor theory of motivation developed by PSP’s Dr. Frederick Herzberg.  This ground-breaking research was published in The Motivation to Work, which became an instant classic.


In the 1970s and 80s, PSP studied successful middle managers and determined they had the same motivational patterns, intellectual skills, and interpersonal characteristics—regardless of gender and age. We also analyzed the significance and effects of flexible human resource planning within a diverse workplace.


Over the last 75 years, we’ve remained committed to developing innovative and accurate benchmarks for key positions throughout the 21st-century workforce.