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Our advanced employment testing services provide essential information to various organizations. By using our assessments, companies reduce employee turnover and hire a highly motivated and compatible workforce:

Tire manufacturing company saw 53% increase in employee work performance after using PSP’s hourly production testing.
Carbon processing plant screened applicants over a 27-year period to ensure the plant could operate without supervision.
Large-scale electronics manufacturing facility tested 6,000 candidates with no successful EEO charges, ensuring the PSP testing system was fair.

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Increasing Output for Your Company

PSP offers employment testing & pre-employment screening for positions at all job levels. Our benchmarks are tailored to your company’s needs as well as the education requirements and skill set of each position. Our science-backed solutions ensure the candidates interviewed have the best likelihood for success.

Additionally, we measure a series of employee behavior and work habits in order to maintain optimal workplace success.


Collaborative Efforts

Interpersonal Skills



Our psychometric tests evaluate outside and internal candidates in problem-solving, communications, teamwork, learning capacity, and adaptability. Advanced PSP benchmarks are available for hourly service positions in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality industries.

QRTS Quick Response Testing System
PSP’s Quick Response Testing System (QRTS) is cost-effective and reduces rapid employee turnover typically found in hourly employees, clerical workers, and first-level supervisors.

Tested 6,000 candidates for a large-scale electronics manufacturing facility, with no successful EEO charges ensuring the PSP testing system was fair

Achieves 53% improvement

Used by 1000+ businesses

Results in 24 hours

Supervisors & Managers

Correctly identifying and developing potential leaders is the key to employee retention and productivity. Yet, promoting the right individuals is anything but simple—unless you have PSP. We’ve devoted over 75 years of research to objectively evaluate potential of managers and leaders of your company.

With PSP’s management databases, we can compare management potential to successful supervisors within your company or with other organizations. This technology objectively determines candidates who have the greatest chances to succeed within your company.


Failure to secure quality senior executives can be disastrous for your company and its shareholders. Executives have tremendous responsibility regarding business decisions, financial success, and resource utilization.

Advantages of Objective Assessment:

Led by a third party
Provide benchmarks for comparison
Measure characteristics and success factors

We customize measurement tools and our in-depth behavioral interview according to your company’s trajectory and strategic marketplace needs. PSP also utilizes our expanse database of senior executive benchmarks to compare C-level applicants with national norms.

Sales Selection

Know which skills and success factors lead to sales and repeat customers. Evaluate employee performance and characteristics for proper development and effective training. PSP Sales Force Assessment provides gap analysis of employee fit and potential advancement, development needs, sales competencies, and objective data for reengineering, and other sales competencies.

Plant Startups & Expansion

Minimize the time between application submission and initial hiring through our pre-employment testing processes. Our streamlined approach makes employee selection simple and stress-free. Our manufacturing selection methods have been successful for start-ups and expansions within automotive, chemical, steel, electronics, transportation, mining, pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics, and chemical plants.

We efficiently evaluate candidates with industry-specific benchmarks tailored to your organization. In addition to cognitive ability, PSP measures behaviors related to specific positions, including motivation, collaboration, and initiative.

International Testing

Need solutions in multiple languages? No problem. Our customized assessments are available worldwide in whatever language you need.

System Operators & Dispatchers

Transmission organizations, utility companies, and independent operators need accurate screening tools for successful hiring. Due to the responsibility that system operators have regarding the safe and reliable operation of equipment on the electric grid, selecting premium candidates is essential.

PSP Metrics has the most comprehensive technologically sound pre-employment screening process for system operators in North America. Assessing cognitive abilities, work interests, and work behaviors have enabled us to distinguish system operators for electric distribution companies and those for ISOs/RTOs.


We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to employment testing. PSP’s employment testing customizes benchmarks according to each industry and position.



Recruiting & Administration:

HR coordinator
HR professional
Labor relations
HR manager

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