Organizational Development

Refine Workplace Culture

Identify and develop leadership talent to maintain a competitive advantage.

Venture capital firm gained an extra $10 million through PSP’s identification of a strong COO
PSP conducted a user-friendly employee engagement survey of 600 international employees, achieving an 85 percent participation rate worldwide
Natural gas utility company provided a talent inventory of potential field supervisors to replace retirees

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What is organizational development?

This process assesses behavioral principles to improve your company’s ability to achieve goals. Organizational Development focuses on the entire group rather than a singular employee. Our organizational development services include a variety of processes & techniques to help ensure that your organizational culture, climate, and strategies work effectively and consistently.

How does PSP’s organizational development process work?

1. Complete the following business assessments:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Employee Retention Survey
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Performance Measurement

2. Conduct a series of industry-specific team building activities

3. Implement the following business training programs:

  • Supervisory and management training
  • Successor development
  • Performance reward
  • Leadership development
organization training

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